is python Object oriented??

Russ P. Russ.Paielli at
Tue Feb 3 10:11:14 CET 2009

On Feb 3, 12:45 am, Steven D'Aprano
<ste... at> wrote:

> Another extreme position is that enforced data hiding is useless, that
> there is *never* any need for it *at all*, and therefore Python doesn't
> need it, there's no reason except stupid PHB's belief in cargo-cult
> coding why Python couldn't be used for controlling nuclear reactors or
> the Space Shuttle. There's been some claims remarkably close to that in
> this or the previous thread.

My recollection is that several people have said exactly that in no
uncertain terms, if not in this thread then in the one a few days ago.

> I trust that nobody really believes this
> extreme position -- it's not that far off claiming that procedures and
> functions are pointless and stupid because we have GOTO.

If nobody believes it, several participants here could have fooled me.

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