Cross platform compilation?

Christian Heimes lists at
Tue Feb 3 17:42:02 EST 2009

John Harper schrieb:
> I am trying to build Python to use in an embedded system which uses a 
> ppc_440 CPU. The only information I've found is something written by 
> Klaus Reimer a few years ago, which was based on Python 2.2. So far I 
> seem to have successfully built Python itself, but building the 
> extensions fails miserably with complaints about library format. It 
> insists on referring to "i686" which is indeed the platform it is 
> actually running on.
> Before I try to reverse engineer completely, is there 
> something obvious that needs to be done to get it to use the right tool 
> chain?
> More generally, it seems like this would be something that lots of 
> people would want to do. I'm surprised there isn't support for it built 
> into the distributed version of Python, without having to hack all the 
> setup files...?

I'm sorry to inform you that Python doesn't support cross platform
compilation. Python eats its own dog food and uses Python to compile
optional extension modules.
Some guys were working on a patch. You may find something in the bug
tracker at


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