is python Object oriented??

Mark Wooding mdw at
Wed Feb 4 15:16:03 EST 2009

"Russ P." <Russ.Paielli at> writes:

> Imagine you own a company, and you decide to lease an office building.
> Would you expect the office doors to have locks on them? Oh, you
> would? Why? You mean you don't "trust" your co-workers? What are locks
> but enforced access restriction?

Huh?  The lock on the door isn't to keep the coworkers out.  It's to let
them /in/ while keeping everyone else out.  So I don't really see the

Or are you talking about the individual offices?  If so, then I'd expect
the locks to be /used/ only under rather unusual circumstances.  If
someone in the office has something to hide, I think that's rather
suspicious, actually...

-- [mdw]

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