How to find wxPython method documentation??

andrew cooke andrew at
Thu Feb 5 00:49:00 CET 2009

On Feb 4, 8:06 pm, len <lsumn... at> wrote:
> How does one find the methods that are available in the classes.

heh.  welcome to the wonderful world of wxpython :o(

if you use eclipse to edit your code, then (providing the wind is in
the right direction and the file you are editing doesn't have any
syntax errors) pressing F3 when you are on a particular method will
take you to the definition.  or, at least, one of the definitions with
that name.

and if you want to see a list of available methods the simplest way is
to use tab completion (or dir() in python itself).

if you're not using eclipse (with pydev) check to see if the ide/
editor you are using has something similar.

also, wxpython comes with some examples, all packaged in a demo
program.  that is your best source of documentation.  go through all
the examples in there and look at the code (the demo program will show
you the code and even let you edit it and see the results of your

to be honest, wxpython is a bit of a nightmare (imho). but the results
can be worth it.

good luck,

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