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Thu Feb 5 01:45:56 CET 2009

2009/2/5  <afriere at>:
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>> On an MS Windows system, os.uname()[0] raises an AttributeError -- sys
>> doesn't seem to contain uname. Is that a Linux thing? Would
>> work on Linux? Or would one have to use exception handling and catch
>> the Windows case?
> It seems to be a Windows thing.  My Linux box gives me 'Linux' the
> server gives me 'SunOS' and a Mac tells me 'Darwin'.  I'm still
> running Python2.4 on the Windows box.  At least in that version on the
> OS,  the 'os' module has no attribute 'uname',  On both Linux and
> SunOS, returns 'posix'.

Python in a Nutshell states that os.uname "exists only on certain
platforms", and in the code sample wraps it in a try statement. That
seems to be the safe way to go -- except (and I don't know much about
this) wouldn't code have to be digging into some pretty obscure
corners to find a difference between different posix implementations?

Tim Rowe

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