Python 3.0 slow file IO

Christian Heimes lists at
Thu Feb 5 06:40:18 EST 2009

thomasvangurp at schrieb:
> I just recently learned python, I'm using it mainly to process huge
> <5GB txt files of ASCII information about DNA. I've decided to learn
> 3.0, but maybe I need to step back to 2.6?
> I'm getting exceedingly frustrated by the slow file IO behaviour of
> python 3.0. I know that a bug-report was submitted here:
> And a solution was posted.
> However, i don't know how to apply this patch. I've searched the
> forums and tried:
> C:\python30> patch -p0 < fileio_buffer.patch
> The patch command is not recognized..

You need the Python sources, a patch utility and Microsoft Visual Studio
2008 in order to compile Python yourself.
> Any help on implementing this patch, or advice on moving back to the
> older version is appreciated.

I suggest you stick with Python 2.5 or 2.6. Python 3.0 isn't as mature
as the 2.x series. It's brand new, lot's of things have changed, too.

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