Is becoming less friendly?

Diez B. Roggisch deets at
Thu Feb 5 11:22:31 EST 2009

mk schrieb:
> (duck)
> 542 comp.lang.python rtfm
> 467 comp.lang.python shut+up
> 263 comp.lang.perl rtfm
> 45 comp.lang.perl shut+up

It appears to me that comp.lang.perl isn't even active anymore. Or 
googles interface is just crappy.

c.l.perl.misc seems to be the place to search.

And raw numbers are nothing without actual postings. FWIW, I can't 
remember reading the last time RTFM here, but then I usually skip the 
giant-size horse-beatings about GIL removal and encapsulation...


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