Flattening lists

mk mrkafk at gmail.com
Thu Feb 5 17:29:41 CET 2009

Brian Allen Vanderburg II wrote:

>> Is list creation really more costly than above?
> Probably not.  I wrote a small test program using a list several levels 
> deep, each list containing 5 sublists at each level and finally just a 
> list of numbers.  Flattening 1000 times took about 3.9 seconds for the 
> one creating a list at each level, and 3.2 for the one not creating the 
> list at each level.

Hmm, I'm surprised by even that! Apparently list creation is more 
expensive than I thought - it seems somewhat more expensive than the 
cost of interpreting bytecode for "if var is None". Either list creation 
is somewhat costly, or "if var is None" is really cheap.


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