reconstruct html form in pyGTK window and create dict from pyGTK

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Fri Feb 6 01:41:20 EST 2009

Hello All,

What would be the best way to fetch a form/s from a webpage and then
recreate it in a pygtk window?

I'm doing some research on this for a project called pynutbutter. This is
for jellpy actually, which handles creating option mappings for pynutbutter
from a GUI.
The things I know I would need some examples on:

How to work multiple glade files? (so i can have multiple pages for
different types of options) more efficient way, is this a good option?

loading of forms fields and reconstructiting in pyGTK with
comboboxes/comboboxtextentry textboxes/textentry and textviews, not how to
load them or display them...I can see that on pygtk website....but the more
efficient way to do this dynamically.

What is the best way to create a dict from a gui? just have a user type the
dict: somedict={"some":thing} or have another window pop up that handles for
name value pairs of the dict and a field for dict name.

After all this what would be the best way for me to merge this dict into a
options file. There will be other options in there. How would I only either
prepend the new dict or if one with same name exists overwrite it. Would
that be a safe move?

What would be the most effiecient and user friendly way to contruct this on
a form basis in a pyGTK GUI

defaults = {"formfield":"somevalue","anotherfield":"somefieldvalue"}
mappings =
headers = {"filefield1":"somefield","filefield2":"anotherfield"}

What would be the best way for me to construct this dict from a user
friendly form in pyGTK....

Sorry this is alot of questions. Any advise on this matter will be greatly
appreciated. Thank you.

-Alex Goretoy
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