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Tino Wildenhain tino at
Fri Feb 6 10:17:42 CET 2009

Hi Curt,

Curt Hash wrote:
> I'm writing a small application for detecting source code plagiarism 
> that currently relies on a database to store lines of code.
> The application has two primary functions: adding a new file to the 
> database and comparing a file to those that are already stored in the 
> database.
> I started out using sqlite3, but was not satisfied with the performance 
> results. I then tried using psycopg2 with a local postgresql server, and 
> the performance got even worse. My simple benchmarks show that sqlite3 
> is an average of 3.5 times faster at inserting a file, and on average 
> less than a tenth of a second slower than psycopg2 at matching a file.
> I expected postgresql to be a lot faster ... is there some peculiarity 
> in psycopg2 that could be causing slowdown? Are these performance 
> results typical? Any suggestions on what to try from here? I don't think 
> my code/queries are inherently slow, but I'm not a DBA or a very 
> accomplished Python developer, so I could be wrong.

Off hand thats hard to tell w/o any details on what you are actually
doing. At least an outline what kind of data you are storing and
of course details of your database configuration would be helpful.

Please note that postgres is quite good at handling concurrent load -
this does not mean its best or every desk top database application.

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