Trouble sorting a list of objects by attributes

Terry Reedy tjreedy at
Fri Feb 6 17:34:51 EST 2009

Robocop wrote:

> line 110, in sorter
>     timesheets.sort(key=attrgetter("department", "engagement",
> "date","start"))
> TypeError: attrgetter expected 1 arguments, got 4

Um... what version of Python are you running?  Alway specify. (Too many 
people do not).  In 3.0

from operator import attrgetter
f=attrgetter("department", "engagement","date","start")

runs fine as per the doc.

operator.attrgetter(attr[, args...])
Return a callable object that fetches attr from its operand. If more 
than one attribute is requested, returns a tuple of attributes. After, f 
= attrgetter('name'), the call f(b) returns After, f = 
attrgetter('name', 'date'), the call f(b) returns (,

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