Python3.0 has more duplication in source code than Python2.5

Terry terry.yinzhe at
Sat Feb 7 08:36:36 EST 2009

On 2月7日, 下午7时10分, "Diez B. Roggisch" <de... at> wrote:
> Terry schrieb:
> > On 2月7日, 下午3时36分, "Martin v. Löwis" <mar... at> wrote:
> >>> Does that say something about the code quality of Python3.0?
> >> Not necessarily. IIUC, copying a single file with 2000 lines
> >> completely could already account for that increase.
> >> It would be interesting to see what specific files have gained
> >> large numbers of additional files, compared to 2.5.
> >> Regards,
> >> Martin
> > But the duplication are always not very big, from about 100 lines
> > (rare) to less the 5 lines. As you can see the Rate30 is much bigger
> > than Rate60, that means there are a lot of small duplications.
> Do you by any chance have a few examples of these? There is a lot of
> idiomatic code in python to e.g. acquire and release the GIL or doing
> refcount-stuff. If that happens to be done with rather generic names as
> arguments, I can well imagine that as being the cause.
> Diez

Example 2:
Found a 16 line (106 tokens) duplication in the following files:
Starting at line 4970 of D:\DOWNLOADS\Python-3.0\Python\Python-ast.c
Starting at line 5015 of D:\DOWNLOADS\Python-3.0\Python\Python-ast.c
Starting at line 5073 of D:\DOWNLOADS\Python-3.0\Python\Python-ast.c
Starting at line 5119 of D:\DOWNLOADS\Python-3.0\Python\Python-ast.c

"GeneratorExp field \"generators\" must be a list, not a %.200s", tmp-
                                goto failed;
                        len = PyList_GET_SIZE(tmp);
                        generators = asdl_seq_new(len, arena);
                        if (generators == NULL) goto failed;
                        for (i = 0; i < len; i++) {
                                comprehension_ty value;
                                res = obj2ast_comprehension
(PyList_GET_ITEM(tmp, i), &value, arena);
                                if (res != 0) goto failed;
                                asdl_seq_SET(generators, i, value);
                        tmp = NULL;
                } else {
                        PyErr_SetString(PyExc_TypeError, "required
field \"generators\" missing from GeneratorExp");

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