Newbie SWMixer / numpy help - AssertionError

Peter Chant REMpeteOVE at
Sat Feb 7 09:46:17 EST 2009


I'm a bit of a python newby.  I want to play and record sound
simultaneously.  SWMixer seems able to do this but the examples use WAV
files.  I'm trying to play a test tone.  Can anyone give me a steer as to
why this fails?

import sys
import swmixer
import numpy

swmixer.init(samplerate=44100, chunksize=1024, stereo=False,
#snd = swmixer.Sound("test1.wav")
time = 1
freq = 440
time = numpy.linspace(0,1,44100*time)       # 44100 numbers between 0 and 1
tone_data = numpy.sin(time*2*numpy.pi*freq) # A above Middle C
snd = swmixer.Sound(tone_data)

I know this may be in a little at the deep end for someone who has just
started to learn python, but I find I learn a lot faster if I try to do
something that is useful.



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