py2exe and distutils

Maxim Demenko mdemenko at
Sat Feb 7 16:20:01 EST 2009

Thomas Heller schrieb:
>> Maxim Demenko schrieb:
>>> Hi,
>>> i have installed Python 2.5.4 on WinXP, setuptools-0.6c9 and py2exe 0.6.9
>>> Now i can't list installed modules, here is the stacktrace:
> [...]
>>> Any suggestion, how to fix this issue?
> Thomas Heller schrieb:
>> Looks like a setuptools problem to me.  Here's the output on my system:
> Actually, I don't know where the problem is.  Maybe pydoc?
>> Thomas

Thank you Thomas,
i found
and tried to import setuptools first - indeed, in this case the problem 
seems to be solved, however, would like to know, how to persist it.
If i put it into - is it a very bad idea?

Best regards


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