Best 3d graphics kit for CAD program???

rantingrick rantingrick at
Sat Feb 7 22:58:41 EST 2009

I want to build a 3D CAD visualization program with Python. Now before
you say this is not possible with Python here me out :)

I know OpenGL is probably my best bet BUT i want something a little
higher level than that. I am not ready for OpenGL yet.  I would like a
kit that is just above OpenGL and abstracts away all the finer
details, but not too much higher. VPython is a great kit but it is way
too high level for what i want. Here is a list of kits i am currently
looking at so if anybody can offer suggestions i would very much like
the information. Most of these are dedicated game engines but this is
all i can find

Panda 3D
Soya 3D
Cystal Space
CG Kit

Thanks Guy's

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