Python on TV-centric platforms

Vitaliy Yermolenko vitaliyy at
Sun Feb 8 17:32:13 EST 2009


Thanks for thoughts.

As I can see considering Yahoo Widgets (based on
HTML/JavaScript/Flash), XML, AJAX and JavaScript (i. e. web
components) on Figure 1 of,
it seems, like Pyjamas is more close for Widget Channel integration,
than XBMC Media Center.

Another question is whether Framework API will be available for
Python, and how deployment will be done?

>On Feb 8, 9:23 am, Vitaliy Yermolenko <vital... at> wrote:
>> Any chance to see Python to be ready for "Widget Development Kit (WDK)
>> to third-party developers to create applications and services for
>> viewing on TVs [...]
>The excellent XBMC[1] has had Python support for years.

WBR, Vitaliy.

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