Newbie SWMixer / numpy help - AssertionError

Peter Chant REMpeteOVE at
Sun Feb 8 22:32:53 CET 2009

Robert Kern wrote:

>    snd = swmixer.Sound(data=tone_data)
> Well, sort of. You probably need to scale your data and convert it to
> int16 format. It's currently in floating point format.

Done and working, thanks.  As "file" was not needed for file="test.wav" I
assumed the data prefix for data was not essential.

> When asking about why something fails, it helps a lot if you specify
> exactly how it fails and what you expected to happen. Copy-and-paste any
> error messages exactly.


> If you need more help with SWMixer's API, I recommend asking the author.
> It's not in widespread use, so he can probably give you better and faster
> help than we can.
> If you need more help with numpy, specifically, you can ask on the
> numpy-discussion mailing list. numpy *is* in widespread use, but there's a
> higher concentration of helpful numpy users over there.

Most useful response, thanks.



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