Local python web server problem

Farsheed Ashouri rodmena.com at gmail.com
Mon Feb 9 04:05:19 EST 2009

Hi everyone. I have started to develop a web base software for
renderfarm managing.
I run the cherrypy hello world! example and when I visit
on firefox, a nice "Hello World" appears. I am on ubuntu and my ip in
local network is
but when I visit, there is another page: "It Works!".
What is "It Works!"? and when I type in another
local pc, the page didn't load?

Sorry I am newbie in network area, so I have these two questions:
1- How can I serve my page in local network?
2- what is "It Works!" in we have
192.168.100.<10-70> . no pc has this but mine!!!

3- Could you please explain me or at least point me to the right
direction of making little local web server, localhost?

4- How can I access to the server that serves web page in 56566 port?
I try
but the page could not load. I can ping but I can't
load web pages from it.

Thanks and sorry for my bad English.

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