How to debug deadlock?

Victor Lin Bornstub at
Mon Feb 9 07:52:05 CET 2009


I am developing a multi-threading application, I encounter a deadlock.
I use Visual C++ Express 2008 to trace the program. Once the deadlock
occurs, I just pause the program and trace. I found that when deadlock
occurs, there will be two threads called python from my C++ extension.
All of them use Queue in python code, so I guess the deadlock might
caused by Queue. But however, once the extension goes into python
code, I can't see nothing but asm code and binary from the VC++
debugger. I would like to know are there any way to dump the call
stack of python code after I paused the program? And how can I know
what lock are there in threads caused the deadlock?

Victor Lin.

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