version in setup.cfg

Jasiu jasiu85 at
Mon Feb 9 10:02:28 EST 2009

Hi guys,

I have a question about and setup.cfg:

I work in a company and we use Subversion to keep our stuff. We have a
post-commit rule that does the following: whenever there is a commit
to /tags/ directory, a binary package is built automatically. The
tag's name is the new version of the package, i.e. tag names are
something like /tags/1.5.2, /tags/1.2.3 etc. We use to create
packages. In we set the version of the package by specifying
'version' keyword argument to setup function. We have automated builds
and our post-commit script does kind of ugly regexp hack and replaces
string "version='...'" with version that is guessed from the tag name.
And I wonder: It would be much cleaner if the version could be placed
in the setup.cfg file. Is that possible?



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