wxPython vs Glade?

Michael Torrie torriem at gmail.com
Tue Feb 10 01:08:45 CET 2009

Michael Pobega wrote:
> I'm looking for opinions on the best toolkit for a beginner to use with
> wxPython. It doesn't necessarily need to be the most efficient toolkit,
> but something I can use for basic programs (a Twitter client, Wordpress
> blogging client, etc) just to learn Python.
> wxWidgets seems nice because it's portable, but I'm not sure how many of
> my libraries are portable (a lot of them seem to import os), while Glade
> seems extremely simple to make a UI (but does the program end up relying
> on Glade? Or can I build it directly into GTK+?)

Glade is very nice for generating GTK guis.  If you save in the newer
format, then GTK has a built-in api called GtkBuilder for importing the
GUI, creating it, and setting up the callbacks.

To be clear, glade-generated ui files work only with GTK, not wxPython.
 If you ever find yourself coding PyQT, the QT Designer is one of the
best GUI builders on the planet.

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