wsdl2py/ZSI and complex types with arrays

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Tue Feb 10 02:38:06 CET 2009

On 04Feb2009 15:55, eviljonny <how at> wrote:
| I have been trying to write a web service using ZSI with wsdl2py. I have 
| read 'The Zolera Soap Infrastructure User’s Guide Release 2.0.0' and some 
| older guides (a guide by Nortel called Using ZSI with wsdl2py) and am 
| unable to find any working examples of how to use arrays in complex 
| types. I have a Request method which takes an array as an argument and 
| responds with an array.
| Can anyone provide me an example (or a link to an example) of how to 
| populate the arrays in complex types? Even pointing me in the right 
| direction would be wonderful.

I am by no means a ZSI expert. You may do better to join this list:
and ask there.

Glancing at some code using ZSI-2.1-a1 here I've got code like this:

  # MR refers to a complex type with a <loginResultList> component,
  # and that contains a list of <item> elements
  LRL = MR._loginResultList = MR.new_loginResultList()
  LRL._item = []
  for LI in RQ.get_element_LoginList():
    class item:
      ... fill in some class attributes ...

thus populating the <loginResultList> with <item> elements.
("item" is only a class for the convenience of having _foo attributes easy to
assign to).

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