select error 10093 on winxp

Ken xie.kenneth at
Tue Feb 10 01:11:31 EST 2009

I was testing select on windows xp with python 2.6.1, the code is simple:

import sys
import select

def testSelect():
    r =[sys.stdin], [], [], 5.0)
    print r

if __name__ == "__main__":
    except select.error, e:
        print e

While an error raised like this:

(10093, '\xd3\xa6\xd3\xc3\xb3\xcc\xd0\xf2\xc3\xbb\xd3\xd0\xb5\xf7\xd3\xc3
WSAStartup\xa3\xac\xbb\xf2\xd5\xdf WSAStartup')

What is this about?

Thanks in adv.
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