AJAX Post requests

Tim Roberts timr at probo.com
Tue Feb 10 02:37:12 EST 2009

PJ <pauljefferson at gmail.com> wrote:
>I have a simple web server using  BaseHTTPServer, and the def do_POST
>(self) function works fine for regular forms that are submitted to it,
>but when I send an AJAX POST to it it does nothing (I've tried to just
>get it to print to check it's nothing else but it doesn't even do
>that, although it does for a regular POST request.

Are you absolutely sure your AJAX request is being sent with Content-Type
multipart/form-data?  Your code would explode silently if it didn't,
because "query" would not exist when you got to "print(query.get('data'))",
and your blanket "except" would hide the error.
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