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Tue Feb 10 15:55:03 EST 2009

J wrote:
> Thanks for your answers, especially Chris Rebert and Paul McGuire's. I
> have a question:
> How far does Python go in the Game Development field? (Using Python
> only, no extensions)

Hey J,

Python's all about the libraries (extensions), you won't be able to do
much without them but that's no big whoop. AFAIK most python libs are
released under LGPL or BSD style licenses so there's pretty much no
restriction on what you can use them for. A lot of games are written in
C for performance reasons but most python gaming libs are just wrappers
round C gaming libs and share the same names and methods so your
knowledge should travel with you.

As for which libs to use...

There's PyGame which is a a good mature library for 2D stuff.

Pyglet seem to be the most popular OpenGL lib for 3D stuff.

You might also want to look at the "Blender Game Engine" and the free
game "Yo Frankie", they use C for the heavy lifting and Python for
scripting levels and stuff, it might be a good way to test the waters.


Roger Heathcote.

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