optparse versus getopt

Robert Kern robert.kern at gmail.com
Tue Feb 10 18:39:48 EST 2009

On 2009-02-10 17:32, Matthew Sacks wrote:
> its a debian package. 2.5
> importing optparse works with interactive python, but not through the
> jython interpreter i an using.

Ah, yes. The current version of Jython is still based off of Python 2.2 whereas 
optparse was introduced in Python 2.3.

> is there some way i can force the import based on the the absolute
> path to the module?

Better would be for you to copy the optparse.py module onto your Jython's import 
path. I'm not particularly familiar with the details of Jython, so you will need 
to consult with the Jython documentation unless if a Jython expert can jump in 
here. Here is one message describing this procedure:


You may want to ask Jython specific questions on the Jython mailing list. You 
will probably get more on-target answers faster there.

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