best way to serve wsgi with multiple processes

Robin Becker robin at
Wed Feb 11 17:32:42 CET 2009

Robin wrote:
> On Feb 11, 3:46 pm, Robin Becker <ro... at> wrote:
>> well the flup server for fast cgi supports forking if the server is declared as
>> an external process in apache. Then the top level of the flup process handles
>> each request and passes it off to a forked worker. I cannot recall exactly, but
>> I believe that apache mod_fastcgi does the right thing when it comes to
>> internally declared fastcgi handlers. For apache at least I think the threading
>> issues are handled properly.
>> I think the code handles all the threading issues for you
>> (assuming it's not win32).
> Thanks - I think if I go the flup route I would use AJP though - since
> its very easy to setup with apache (1 proxy line) and mod_ajp comes as
> standard. And then everything is very much seperated from the apache
> process.

that's right and very easy to control. The only problem I recall is that the 
socket needs to be made readable by www. You can do that with a sudo chown or by 
setting up the mask at the ajp server start.
Robin Becker

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