Clearing the keyboard buffer (wxPython)

Mike Driscoll kyosohma at
Wed Feb 11 22:05:57 CET 2009

On Feb 11, 2:54 pm, "MarcusD" <sto... at> wrote:
> Whow. Thanks for the fast and comprehensive answer. To be honest I would
> have posted to but the server seems to be down for the last
> couple of days.
> I'll check this wx.Yield thing that I never heard of. And let's see what
> else we get here.
> Thanks again
> marcus

Is it? I wondered why I had suddenly stopped getting emails from them,
but my company recently had some email config changes that blocked a
ton of stuff and I just figured that was part of the problem.
Hopefully Robin Dunn can put the smack down on his web hosts...


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