Unicode issue on Windows cmd line

MRAB google at mrabarnett.plus.com
Wed Feb 11 22:34:59 CET 2009

Benjamin Kaplan wrote:
> Whoops. Didn't mean to hit send there. I was going to say, you can't 
> have everything when Microsoft is only willing to break the programs 
> that average people are going to use on a daily basis. I mean, why 
> would they do something nice for the international community at the 
> expense of breaking some 20 year old batch scripts? Those were the 
> only things that still worked when Vista first came out.
I remember when I had to use MS-Access but it could be either of 2 versions.

The newer version couldn't open a database from the older version unless
I let it convert it first, after which point I wouldn't be able to open
it in the older version... :-(

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