[ANN] TracShell 0.1 released

J Kenneth King james at agentultra.com
Thu Feb 12 09:06:00 EST 2009

I tend to work a lot with Trac for project management and have always
found the browser interface to be a productivity killer. I always
wanted a simple command-line interface to Trac, but having never found
one I found a little free time and got off my laurels to make one.

TracShell 0.1 is an early release, but it works. So far you can only
query and view tickets, but planned updates include the obvious
ability to create and edit tickets. Future plans will allow browsing
of comments, change histories, attachments, and so forth.

Please consider it really beta. The code needs a little tidying up
around the edges. If you find any bugs, please report them and I'll
fix them ASAP. Ideas, suggestions, and contributions are welcome.



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