Untangling pythonWin and IDLE Processes on XP Pro

Diez B. Roggisch deets at nospam.web.de
Thu Feb 12 10:55:55 EST 2009

> Done that. Been there. It doesn't work. If I take another py tkinter
> program and run it in IDLE, it *will work*. The current program goes boom.

That's pure luck then. IDLE is written in Tkinter, and *running* Tkinter
apps inside of it is bound to fail sooner or later. Failure might be as
drastic as termination of IDLE, or just some glitches.

This has hit numerous people before, as you've been told several times now.
What makes you think it doesn't affect you?

>> And you still seem to not understand what is really happening.
> Whether I understand it exactly or not is not the issue. The issue is how
> do I execute IDLE *now* to get the correct results it once allowed? The
> fact of the matter is that I was happily working in IDLE for days and
> hours. I encountered a problem in IDLE that seemed suspicious, so I then
> fired up pyWin to see if it gave the same results. It worked fine. Then my
> problems with IDLE got worse.
>> Working between pywin and idle is perfectly fine, they are separate
>> programs. You can start as many instances of a program as you want and
>> happily work with them. Even several instances of idle and pywin, unless
>> these come with some logic to prevent multiple starts  - some windows app
>> do that.
> How could this be true; otherwise,  I wouldn't be complaining?

Coincidence? When Mom tells me the car broke down after she passed by the
bakery, I don't assume one has to do with the other either.

>> What does *NOT* work is writing a Tkinter-based app in idle, and to run
>> it *FROM INSIDE* idle. Instead, open your explorer and double-click on
>> the pyhton-file your app is in. That's all that there is to it.
> Personally, I like running entirely in IDLE.

This is not a question of your liking, it's a question of technical

if you have been working happily for hours and days as you tell us, I can
only hope & assume that you made actual progress. Which might have brought
your own program to a point where it wasn't tolerable working from within
idle anymore. That you in the meanttime chose to work with Pywin is
irrelevant to that.
> If there is no other way than you suggested in "NOT work", then I may just
> uninstall pyWin.

Do so if you like - cargo cult programming isn't uncommon these days.


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