Terry Reedy tjreedy at
Thu Feb 12 14:34:21 EST 2009

andrew cooke wrote:
> A quick search on "imap nntp" turned up this list that might be useful -
> although I wonder when it was written
> because I remember using Aaron's RSS to email aggregator when RSS was
> new(!).
> It mentions gmane, though, which certainly still exists (I assume it
> carries this list too).

Yes.  For everything possible, I read and post via gmane.  Gmane mirrors 
technical mailing lists.  As near as I can tell, posts via gmane go to 
the mailing list first, for whatever filtering the list does. 
Conversely then, gmane only posts the filtered output from the mailing list.

 >  And this page suggests you can read gmane via
> nntp - works fine.

> Aha!  yes!  It;s in the FAQ :o)
>   Can I read news via secure NNTP (nntps)?
>   Yes. Point your news reader towards nntps://

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