openOffic, windows, and Python 2.5

Terry Reedy tjreedy at
Thu Feb 12 19:48:45 CET 2009

John Fabiani wrote:
> Terry Reedy wrote:
>> John Fabiani wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> OpenOffice 3 on windows uses python 2.3.x (I have no idea why).
>> I presume because no one has volunteered to do the update for the Py-UNO
>> bridge.  In any case, why do you consider that to be a problem.  It is
>> common for apps to include the Python they are known to work with.
>> tjr
> Thanks for the response.  The reason is the others apps are written in
> python 2.5.x.  All the testing was done on Linux using 2.5 and now we need
> it to work on the windows side too.  

Have you tried it?  What breaks?  Win OOo's use of 2.3 should only 
affect Python code that you run within the OO process itself, with its 
copy of Python.  Avoiding things introduced in 2.4/2.5 is probably 
easier than recompiling OOo on Windows.

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