is there a project running (GUI Builder for Python ) ?

azrael jura.grozni at
Thu Feb 12 21:11:41 CET 2009

On Feb 12, 8:25 pm, J Kenneth King <ja... at> wrote:
> azrael <jura.gro... at> writes:
> > To be honest, in compare to Visual Studio, Gui Builders for wx
> > widgets are really bad.
> That's because Visual Studio is a Microsoft product to build
> interfaces for Microsoft products.
> wx on the other hand is cross platform and ergo, much more
> complicated.

I think that WX is really great but there is really a great lack of a

> > Do you know if there is any project curently running for GUI
> > builders, maybe for WX, That I could maybe join.
> You could help wx. Make your own gui builder if you think you could do
> better. There's also GTK and Qt... and probably many others.

I think that this would be a great mistake. Let's sit down and make my
own gui builder. I think That some people should sit together and
discuss what we need to make a good GUI builder. I am in. Who would
like to join me.

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