is there a project running (GUI Builder for Python ) ?

gc_ottawa at gc_ottawa at
Thu Feb 12 21:53:13 CET 2009

......I come from Delphi, and compared to Delphi, even Visual Studio
> vanishes ;-)
...........I don't even notice the difference between Delphi (which
I'm still using)
> and wxPython.
> I think this story happened to other people to,
> so instead of putting a lot of effort in designing and maintaining a GUI
> builders,
> it might be better to choose another solution.
> btw, the idea I used, can be seen here]
> and the code can be found here
> cheers,
> Stef

You know, 10 or more years ago both Borland and Microsoft got it right
when they incorporated a GUI with an IDE in their Delphi and Visual
Basic products. As wonderful as the Python language is, it is very
much a work in progress when compared to the ease of use of the
aforementioned products. These products revolutionized the industry
with their "Rapid Applications Development" (RAD).

Python reminds me of a toolbox filled with a multitude of single use
tools when all you need is a Skilsaw and a combination screwdriver.

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