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Thu Feb 12 22:36:20 CET 2009


at first I wanted to file this under meta-discussions, but your lost
paragraph got me thinking...

2009/2/12 Christian Heimes <lists at cheimes.de>:
> Nobody is going to stop you from creating a large bundle of useful
> extensions as long as you follow the licenses. In fact lots of people
> may appreciate a bundle. But the Python core package will always stay
> small and agile.

How does "small and agile" work with "batteries included"?

>From my point of view:

 Would describe faster extension of the standard lib (rrd, yaml should
IMHO already be in the standard lib). I'm pretty sure other people
want to see other modules, but that's what agile + standard lib would
mean for me. (Also I'm sometimes confused by the naming of modules but
that's a different story)

 just the opposite of "batteries included"

My absolute favorite would be

 * python as just python (no standard lib)
 * a (rather) fast moving standard lib available as an addon download
  * possibly for each version

I guess that would mean *a lot* maintenance overhead so that will
probably never.

Finally: Ignore me, Python is still the language that let's me get
stuff done in the fastest and most enjoyable way. Thanks to GvR for
the initial idea and all the volounteers for making it even better :)


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