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Thu Feb 12 17:22:05 EST 2009

On Feb 12, 2:04 pm, azrael <jura.gro... at gmail.com> wrote:
> Sometimes I really get confused when looking out for a modul for some
> kind of need. Sometimes I get frightened when I get the resaults. 8
> wraper for this, 7 wrapers for that, 10 modules for anything. Between
> them are maybe some kind of small differences, but to work with any of
> the modules, I have to spend 10 hours of reading the help, If there is
> any at all.

I don't follow you here??

> I think that there should be a list on python.org of supported or
> sugested modules for some need. For example Database access. Or GUI
> Building. It is a complete pain in the ass. Let's face the true, TK is
> out of date. There should be another one used and appended to the
> standard Python Library. One that plays well with other platforms. And
> if it does't, let's make it play better.

There is a list of third party modules on the Python.org site and it
is huge! Tk is very simple i agree, but i would hate to double the
size of my python installer download just to have this or that module
built-in. Trust me you really don't want that. But i will agree a
better classification of modules would be nice

> Why will Microsoft's products kick the ass of open source. Because
> anyone does what he wants. Let's say There are 5 GUI libraries
> competing against each other. Think about it what could these 5 teams
> acomplish if they would work together. Or maybe a framework for RAD
> GUI devbelopment. after 10 years of python, there is still not one
> application for GUI Building that can beat Visual Studio.
> Anyone I talk to says: "Oh my god, Python and GUI"

I will agree with you here. Just think what could be accomplished if
all the linux distro developers could band together to create one
golden linux distro. This level of collaboration would create a distro
so powerful the vibrations of it will cause Bill Gates house to slide
into lake Washington :).

Tk could use a polishing i much agree and so could IDLE. Maybe we
should start a revolution here? i am game!

> There are a dozen of modules that should be, if you ask me, be
> implemented into Python. Like NumPy, SciPY, PIL. A lot of people I
> talk to, are using them. But everyone has to download them manually
> and hope that if someone is using their code, has also installed the
> needed modules.

Again i very much disagree here. We don't want to make Python a piece
of elephant-size MS bloatware. Not everybody needs or wants all these
libraries and maintaining this extra code-base puts exrta strain on
the Python dev team. We need them to concentrate on other more
important issues.

> My solution would be:
> Let's make an announcement on Python.org. something like this.
> We need Ideas for creating the a standard library in Python for Image
> processing. Tell  us your problem. What do you think which feature
> should be implemented. Which transformation, which algorithm.
> Make a vote. This should be that not.

There is a library PIL but it could use some updating too.

> But how to start something like that. Anyone that sees a problem that
> should be solved, becomes the project leader. Find the best Ideas and
> make a good library.

Motivation is hard to find, and it's more than that. People have to
make a living, but we never know until we try. I am with you! Lest
revolutionize Python!

> It's is very good that people have a choice. But why not make some
> standards. I know that there is already a standard python library, But
> why not extending it. classify the standard library into subcategories
> like Networking, DataBase, Computation, ......

Bloated_python == dead_Python

> One other thing. I am not looking for war on groups. I just would like
> to discuss some things that drive me crazy while using Python.
> This group has a lot of members. not to mention every Python Forum.
> Why not using this number of people and accomplish something great. If
> anyone of us would write 10 line of good code, it would result a very
> great and powerfull environment.

I agree, anybody else out there want to add to this converstation?

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