A little bit else I would like to discuss

azrael jura.grozni at gmail.com
Fri Feb 13 01:39:06 CET 2009

On Feb 12, 9:40 pm, Christian Heimes <li... at cheimes.de> wrote:
> azrael wrote:
> > I think that there should be a list on python.org of supported or
> > sugested modules for some need. For example Database access. Or GUI
> > Building. It is a complete pain in the ass. Let's face the true, TK is
> > out of date. There should be another one used and appended to the
> > standard Python Library. One that plays well with other platforms. And
> > if it does't, let's make it play better.
> The Python core will not ship with another GUI toolkit. TK may be
> removed from the core in some distant future but we - the Python core
> development team - will *not* make a choice between GTK, WX and Qt.
> > One other thing. I am not looking for war on groups. I just would like
> > to discuss some things that drive me crazy while using Python.
> In your opinion all third party are bad. You like to have one monolithic
> block of software. That's a typical Microsoft approach. Lot's of people
> from the open source community prefer small and loosely coupled pieces
> of software. One of the greatest ruler of all time once said "divide et
> impera" -- divide it in small pieces to make it much easier to conquer
> every piece by its own. We are following the same path here.
> Nobody is going to stop you from creating a large bundle of useful
> extensions as long as you follow the licenses. In fact lots of people
> may appreciate a bundle. But the Python core package will always stay
> small and agile.
> Christian

I understand that. completely. I don't think that third party is bad.
It is great that someone has an Idea and decides to make a new
project. But why not adopting best practices or maybe even make a
small effort to construct better support for some popular and commonly
used modules. If these modules always stay third party, there will
come a day when they stop being developed. At this point , Python
looses a good module from beeing developed any further. And some time
later, someone else starts again from scratch and make something new.

I came to Python because it has some features that always annoyed me
in C++ or Java. The diference between Java and Python that Java is
today way much often used thaen python, has a much larger Library
collection. I am mainly afraid that Python will become just a small
Scripting languages. There are a lot of people that say that they
would start Python, but they dont't want to because they don't want to
get their results in Comand line. I don't say that Comandline is bad,
but I think about the common user.

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