A little bit else I would like to discuss

Damon damonwischik at gmail.com
Thu Feb 12 22:39:07 EST 2009

On Feb 12, 8:40 pm, Christian Heimes wrote:
> In your opinion all third party are bad. You like to have one monolithic
> block of software. That's a typical Microsoft approach. Lot's of people
> from the open source community prefer small and loosely coupled pieces
> of software. One of the greatest ruler of all time once said "divide et
> impera" -- divide it in small pieces to make it much easier to conquer
> every piece by its own.

"Divide et impera" was a strategy used by the monolithic Roman empire
to divide and subjugate others. I hope that's not what happens to

The original poster complained about needing to go off to third-party
sites to hunt for software. I wonder if the Python team has ever
considered following the lead of miktex or R, and setting up a
centralized (mirrored) repository of packages? Let anyone who wants,
submit packages.

* Like R, every time there is a new version of Python, the repository
should rebuild the packages, for all supported platforms, and make
available all those that compile cleanly. R also forces you to write
properly structured documentation for every exposed function, before
the repository will accept it.

* Like miktex, when the user does "import foo", the Python interpreter
should (optionally) look for foo in its cached list of packages, and
download the latest version if necessary.

This works fine for R and miktex, and it has made my life very easy.


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