A little bit else I would like to discuss

azrael jura.grozni at gmail.com
Fri Feb 13 03:53:18 CET 2009

There is no need to make it elephant size. Python takes only 14 MB if
I am not wrong. Compare 10 GB of VS package in compare with that.
nothing. Python enthought edition is something really sweet. For
starters, Why does Python not have a build in library to handle
images. I don't get this. Why? PIL is great, but it could really need
some polish. I think that the last programming language I can remind
of that could not handle images, If I am not wrong was QBASIC.

All I hear when I talk to people who own or eork in SW companies is
"Python? Isn't that that small scripting language. This will never
bring a real application." I am tired of hearing this. Even Microsoft
implemented Python. Only because the GUI building I am thinking about
of moving to IronPython. But this great comunity holds me bac on

We need better and not out of date libraries and modules. Python was
build because of bad experiences of bad programing languages. I sak
The Python Development team to listen to us users an developers.
listen to our problems.

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