ANN: Supy 1.1

Greg Ewing greg.ewing at
Fri Feb 13 12:11:02 CET 2009

SuPy 1.1 Available

Changes in this version:

- Added explicit ways of calling method names ending in '?' or '!'. Python
method names 'is_xxx' and 'xxx_ip' map to Ruby 'xxx?' and 'xxx!' respectively.
The plain name 'xxx' can still be used where there is no ambiguity.

- Ruby true and false are now converted to Python True and False.

- Ruby methods expecting a block can be called from Python by passing
a callable Python object with the keyword 'body'.

What is SuPy?

SuPy is a plugin for the Sketchup 3D modelling application
that lets you script it in Python.

Greg Ewing
greg.ewing at

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