Fortran array in python (f2py?)...

tripp tripplowe at
Fri Feb 13 20:35:07 CET 2009

On Feb 13, 1:27 pm, MRAB <goo... at> wrote:
> tripp wrote:
> > Hello Folks,
> > I have a fortran program I use to process several satellite images.  I
> > currently output the results to a text file (~750 mb) which is then
> > read by a perl program that outputs a GIS-ready image using GDAL
> > (   There are python libraries for GDAL too.
> > I'd like to pipe the array directly to python from fortran (instead of
> > writing it out to a text file).  Is it possible to access an in-memory
> > fortran array with python?
> > I've looked at f2py, but I could not tell if this was possible.
> How about outputting the results to the Python program via a pipe?

The array I'd like to output is 8500 x 7500.  Would that be possible?
I'm NOT RAM limited.

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