Untangling pythonWin and IDLE Processes on XP Pro

W. eWatson notvalid2 at sbcglobal.net
Fri Feb 13 23:58:33 EST 2009

Scott David Daniels wrote:
> W. eWatson wrote:
>> Terry Reedy wrote:
>>> W. eWatson wrote:
>>>>  From Diez above.
>>>> What does *NOT* work is writing a Tkinter-based app in idle, and to 
>>>> run it
>>>> *FROM INSIDE* idle. Instead, open your explorer and double-click on the
>>>> pyhton-file your app is in. That's all that there is to it.
>>>> So this is the absolute truth? No wiggle room? One can never use a 
>>>> Tkinter program with IDLE, and execute it successfully. So IDLE 
>>>> doesn't issue a standard warning that says, "Get out of here with 
>>>> your Tkinter program, it will fail when you try to run it here. You 
>>>> have entered Tkinter hell. Good-bye."
>>> Re-read my post about kids fighting to control a television.  Maybe 
>>> they work together, maybe they crash the TV.  Hard to predict.
>>> ***ANY*** Python program that tries to grab and control the same 
>>> resources that TK does may conflict with it.  There is no way that 
>>> IDLE can have a list of, for instance, all event-grabbing mainloop 
>>> programs.
>> OK, enough tinkering with the code and others matters on my end trying 
>> to find a work around. Somehow after much successful use of IDLE's 
>> execution facility, I've stepped on an invisible banana peel. I think 
>> it's evident that I'm not going around this problem easily with the 
>> IDLE execution attempts, and that another solution is required.
> That's correct, but you still don't understand _why_ it is correct.
> I suggest you re-read the thread and try to understand everything you
> are being told.
>> First, I think somewhere up the thread someone suggested that Active 
>> pythonWin is not dependent upon Tk, correct? Therefore, it is immune 
>> from such problems, correct?
> Wrong.  I was the one who said that ActiveState had a product to debug
> Python programs across a nertwork connection.  The product is _not_
> ActivePython (the freely distributed system), but rather the Komodo IDE,
> which does cost money.
I'm pretty sure it wasn't you, and had no relationship to what you brought 
up earlier several messages up the thread. There are other forums.
>> Finally, we can probably agree that I can continue to use IDLE for 
>> editing and syntax checking, but to "guarantee" successful execution 
>> of the program, I can just double-click on the py file in my folder. 
>> Perhaps there is a better way than clicking on it in the folder. For 
>> example, putting it on the desktop. As I look at the folder, previous 
>> copies only differ by a digit, I can easily find myself executing an 
>> earlier version, differing as Dev4, to Dev5 at the end of each name.
> OK, you are using the oldest and least useful revision control system,
> "rename and remember."  I'd suggest you get and use bazaar, but you'll
> just ask for shortcuts on how to use it without understanding what it does.
It works for me, and, frankly, I'm not interested in going to Linux, SunOS 
or other "revision systmes". These are way in my distant past, and the only 
reason I'm currently, and begrudgingly, once again writing programs is that 
the Python software program I am using is limited in its ability. I've 
finally, after 2-3 years of hoping someone else would do it, taken up the 
torch to add new features. Frankly, I'd rather be doing something else with 
my time.

And, yes, you are somewhat correct in your earlier assessment of my goals, 
the sooner this is over the better. You may not like my philosophy, but it 
serves me well at the moment, and I'm moving ahead nicely now.

As I recall from the old movie Desk Set, a conversation between their two 
characters regarding a puzzle he was about to give her as a test of her 
office abilities: Tracy cautions Hepburn, "Never assume!" before relating 
the famous "detective" problem. Never assume.

Nevertheless, thank you for your responses.
Be kind to your keyboard.

> --Scott David Daniels
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