ANN: SuPy 1.2

Greg Ewing greg.ewing at
Sat Feb 14 12:50:04 CET 2009

SuPy 1.2 Available

Changes in this version:

- Ruby object and class wrappers now have __class__ and __bases__ attributes
   that return the right things. As a consequence, isinstance() and
   issubclass() also work properly on Ruby objects.

- UI module made available to Python.

- Data in a module can be preserved across a Py.refresh() by giving the
   module a __keep__ attribute holding a sequence of names to preserve.

- Added a utility module to assist with managing menu items.

- Fixed some bugs in the block-passing mechanism.

What is SuPy?

SuPy is a plugin for the Sketchup 3D modelling application
that lets you script it in Python.

Greg Ewing
greg.ewing at

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