Fw: Can Python serial support run at 45.45 baud?

Hendrik van Rooyen mail at microcorp.co.za
Sun Feb 15 05:40:34 EST 2009

"Hendrik van Rooyen" <ma... at m....orp.co.za> wrote:

> If you can get down so low in baud rate, then you can fudge it in software.
> Set the port to the single stop bit, and make a transmit character function
> that outputs a single character and a flush(), and then waits for a bit time 
> or so - time.sleep(0.022) will do the trick - means you have to make
> a string transmitter that calls your character transmitter - you cannot
> just write a string to the port - but that is no great hardship.

Talking nonsense again - the sleep time must not be just the bit
you want to add to the character, but the full character time,
start bit, five data, stop + 1/2 bit time. - 7.5 * 22 = 165 milliseconds.

- Hendrik

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