Can Python serial support run at 45.45 baud?

MRAB google at
Sun Feb 15 15:56:12 CET 2009

Roy Smith wrote:
> In article <VJWdnZbZQsVZOwrUnZ2dnUVZ_rDinZ2d at posted.usinternet>, 
> Grant Edwards <grante at> wrote:
>> My guess is that it was _supposed_ to be a CRC routine, but
>> somebody botched it.  They used the same botched routine on the
>> host end when they did testing, so nobody noticed it was broken.
> Stuff like this happens all the time.  That's why RFC 2026 requires,
> "a specification from which at least two independent and
> interoperable implementations from different code bases have been
> developed".
> To drag this back on topic, however, it's interesting to note that
> Python itself has been successful, while still being essentially a
> single implementation.
That's because it's open source, so many people can test and debug it.

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