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Tim Roberts timr at
Mon Feb 16 02:04:38 EST 2009

Sandra Quiles <sandraqu at> wrote:
>Hello. I have followed the instructions of a post on Installing  
>mailman on OS X 10.4, and got to step 7 and hit this error.
>The hard- and software involved is: OS X 10.4.x, Python 2.3.5, Mailman  
>2.1.5 (using this outdated version because I don't know how to upgrade  
>Python despite going to the Python site.  It wasn't obvious to me  
>which Linux package was an upgrade, and the installation of MacPython  
>2.6.1 was not recognized by Terminal).
>So. illegal name error. it list listname as 'mailman@<mycomputername>'
>that's in response to the 'bin/newlist mailman' command

Did you read ANY of the documentation?  Such as, for example, the part
where it tells you that Mailman creates a special, hidden mailing list
called "mailman"?

In any case, the name of a mailing list should have some tenuous
relationship to exactly what the list is for.  Your name has no such

>also, I purchased the Postfix Enabler, but have no clue what to do  
>with the software.
>Tips, advise, hand-holding welcomed.

I'm sorry to be crude, but if you expect to be in the habit of purchasing
software when you have no clue what to do with it, my best advice is that
you should stop purchasing software.
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