Found a very nice, small, cross-platform GUI toolkit for Python.

laplacian42 at laplacian42 at
Mon Feb 16 07:25:39 CET 2009

I think I just found the GUI toolkit for Python I've been searching
for. It seems to meet all of the following requirements:

  * free software
  * small (I don't need batteries -- Python already comes with those.)
  * easy to use
  * actively maintained
  * cross-platform
  * easy to install
  * based on a stable and actively-maintained C library
  * does not depend on an external scripting language (for example,
  * well-documented
  * not too many dependencies
  * can easily integrate with PyOpenGL
  * support for accessibility

and it's also written in Python.

I have no idea how it's stayed under the radar in the Python community
for this long, yet here it is: [OcempGUI](
gui.html). The C library it depends upon? [SDL](http:// (via [PyGame](

The sf project page is <>.

Installation only requires getting SDL installed, then PyGame, and
then a `sudo python install` for OcempGUI. `cd` into its `doc/
examples` directory and run a few of the examples (ex. `python`).

The part of [the manual](
manual.html) that seems most like a beginner tutorial is <http://>.

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