Will multithreading make python less popular?

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Mon Feb 16 13:24:27 CET 2009

Hi again,

Dear Andreas

I know about GIL in ruby interpreter, they are trying to solve
problems because of GIL but it is not so important for me because i
like ruby because of its esthetic and it helps me to grasp some
programming concepts. As i know it is not so powerful language like
java. (Powerful language : rich libraries, wide community, very
variety of usage). why i want to learn python because it has syntax
like ruby but it is also powerful language, not of course as much as
java or c++

And also, i am trying to find an answer to the question mark in my
head. Is there a way to use multi cores in python as much effective
and easier as multi threading.

Dear Aleksa

Of course i have a long way to ago even if i am too old for these
things. However, i think that being able to use both cores or more is
a very big plus for execution time, speed like these. I believe many
programs will be rewritten to be able to use multiple cores.

Dear Michele

As i know every process has own hardware sources like memory and cpu
so i think it requires more source than multi threading.

Dear Tim

I want to learn python + c++ or java because of the desire of having
python's felxibility and easiness and c++ or java's stability and
speed and power together.

Thank you

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