replace ftp by local copy

Steve Holden steve at
Mon Feb 16 20:45:21 CET 2009

loial wrote:
> I have been given an old python application that calls ftplib in many
> places to copy files to a remote server.
> I have been given the task of cloneing this code so that ftp is not
> used, but files are just copied locally in a scenerio where ftp is not
> available. The code is not well structured which makes this more
> difficult.
> Before starting this just wondered if anyone has previously done
> anything like overriding the ftplib module so that I can leave the
> existing code largely unchanged but have the ftp commands just copy
> files locally?
> Just thought I'd ask before getting started.
I don't remember anyone mentioning this, but it sounds like the soundest
engineering approach, and the one least likely to induce breakage ...

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