Found a very nice, small, cross-platform GUI toolkit for Python.

Nick Craig-Wood nick at
Mon Feb 16 16:31:55 EST 2009

laplacian42 at <laplacian42 at> wrote:
>  I think I just found the GUI toolkit for Python I've been searching
>  for. It seems to meet all of the following requirements:
>    * free software
>    * small (I don't need batteries -- Python already comes with those.)
>    * easy to use
>    * actively maintained
>    * cross-platform
>    * easy to install
>    * based on a stable and actively-maintained C library
>    * does not depend on an external scripting language (for example,
>  Tcl)
>    * well-documented
>    * not too many dependencies
>    * can easily integrate with PyOpenGL
>    * support for accessibility
>  and it's also written in Python.
>  I have no idea how it's stayed under the radar in the Python community
>  for this long, yet here it is: [OcempGUI](
>  gui.html). The C library it depends upon? [SDL](http://
> (via [PyGame](

Interesting!  One of the commercial apps I'm involved (C++ not python)
in uses SDL as its GUI with windows etc built on top of it.  It means
that it looks exactly the same on all supported platforms and since it
usually runs full screen that is fine.  I imagine this GUI toolkit
fits the same niche.

Presumably since it uses SDL then all the GUI will appear in one
window?  So windows within windows in the MDI style?

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